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We fund early stage biotechs from seeding to start-up stages.

The company is managed by biotech professionals who succeed in global bio start-ups / public biotechs, from CMO to new drug development sectors.

We invest in companies with sciences that address unmet medical needs.


our investment focus

  • biopharmaceuticals

    revolutionary breakthroughs in sciences.

  • diagnostics and personalized medicine

    advances in future medicine

  • medical devices

    innovative technologies and market approachable products.

Creating Global Bio Platforms in Korea

globally network your start-up

$850 Billion Global Market

Expose your start-up to the global market, that is potentially 47x greater than Korea’s $20 billion Market.

We handle the process of Initial funding, Late stage funding, Clinical Development, by partnering with Global Pharma/Biotechs.

Best of Both Worlds

With Korea’s abundance of biotech sciences and manpower, a globally networked start-up will have access to the best resouces and markets.

Korea Global

Transcure Team

Bryan BG Kim, CEO/Founder

Bryan BJ Kim, D.M.D

CEO / Founder


Bryan has been a leader for both public and private bio companies: from bio start-ups to biopharmaceutical public companies and to a revenue generating CMO companies.

He was one of starting members at VGX Pharmaceuticals, a start-up from Penn. He headed the corporate development and brought in Needham & Co. to complete a merge with Inovio Pharmaceuticals (AMEX: INO) in 2009. He also headed series of funding resulted in more than $20M for Phase I and II clinical trials for 4 pipelines inc. DNA-vaccines in US.

In 2013, Inovio signed a global licensing deal with Roche for its DNA-vaccine based pipelines.

Bryan was a co-founder/CEO at VGX International, a KOSPI public biotech company in Korea. He orchestrated acquisition of Dong-Il Fabric and initiated a new drug development division within the company in 2005. The company was selected as KOSPI 200 in 2008. As a global leader in DNA vaccine, the company successfully completed the first-ever preventive DNA vaccine phase 1 clinical trials in Asia. He led series of public funding in a total of $38M and structured numerous business deals including in-/out-licensing of pipelines with US and Chinese companies.

In 2008, the company acquired DNA vaccine CMO company in Houston and named it VGXI, Inc. As CEO, he led the restructuring and expansions of the company, successfully built new marketing teams and implemented strategies. The company doubled its manufacturing capacity with the series of investment-in from partners. In 2010, the revenues were quadrupled (4x) and achieved its first profit since the inception in 2000.

Bryan was named Forbes Korea’s CEO of the year in 2010 and Fortunes Korea’s Best CEOs in 2011.

Prior to joining the company, he was a clinical associate professor at University of Pennsylvania. He holds a Doctor of Dental Medicine from University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine, a BA in Economics and a BS in Biological Sciences from University of California at Irvine.

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Pedro Alvarez-Urena, Director

Pedro Alvarez-Urena, Ph.D.



Pedro Alvarez-Urena is a Postdoctoral Researcher in Bioengineering at the University of Pennsylvania’s School of Engineering and Applied Science. He has more than 8 years of experience working in translational therapeutic studies with the use of biomaterials and biologics. He currently conducts research in developing novel biocompatible composites for chronic pain management, orthopedic trauma and craniomaxillofacial regeneration in military medicine.

He has been involved in more than five large-scale collaborative inter-institutional Department of Defense grants totaling more than $5 million, as well as participated in several industry-related initiatives.

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Hee Kwon Song, Co-head / Co-founder

Hee Kwon Song, Ph.D.

Co-head / Co-founder


Hee Kwon Song is an Associate Professor of Radiologic Science in Radiology at University of Pennsylvania's School of Medicine.

Hee Kwon has been active in biomedical research for more than 20 years. With background in both electrical and bio-engineering, he currently carries out research in developing novel magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) strategies for tumor assessment at Penn.

The research Hee Kwon and his colleagues at Penn have carried out have also led to MicroMRI, Inc., a medical device start-up focused on developing and commercializing novel and innovative hardware and software products that perform high resolution MRI of bone micro-architecture.

Throughout his research career in academia, Hee Kwon has been successful in the procurement of funding from various institutions and foundations, including the National Institutes of Health (NIH), the National Science Foundation (NSF), American Cancer Society, and the Department of Defense.

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Loren Danzis, Advisor

Loren Danzis, ESQ



Loren Danzis is outside general counsel to TCB Ventures and a partner in the law firm Fox Rothschild LLP with particular experience in venture capital transactions, acquisitions and commercial contract negotiations. Loren’s knowledge is enhanced by his experience as a venture capital investor. Loren founded Delaware Crossing Investor Group, a network of angel investors operating in the Philadelphia and Princeton region, which has invested approximately $6 million in early stage companies. Loren is an active member of the Greater Philadelphia Alliance for Capital and Technologies (PACT).

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Calvin BG Rhee, Consultant

Calvin BG Rhee, M.S.



Calvin BG Rhee has more than 10 years experience in biomedical research and development.

Calvin BG Rhee has more than 10 years experience in biomedical research and development. Calvin BG Rhee is a Global Business Team Manager of Hyundai Pharm where he is searching and assessing global biotechs and pharmaceuticals for Korean market. Prior to that he was an R&D manager with biotech company, VGX International, where he focused on prophylactic influenza DNA vaccine and hepatitis C & B therapeutic DNA vaccine development in Asia.

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